A Local Grain System for Virginia and surrounding areas


The Common Grain Alliance connects and supports farmers, millers, and bakers to build a vibrant, integrated, and sustainable grain economy in Virginia and surrounding areas.



We aim to build a collaborative, sustainable, and profitable grain economy in which local and regional businesses produce nutritious, flavorful, and consistent grain products. The organization will:

  • Expand and strengthen the network of grain-economy participants in Virginia and surrounding areas.
  • Help participants acquire the knowledge and skills they need through speaker series, workshops, hands-on training, and other educational opportunities.
  • Assist participants, especially farmers, with market access.
  • Develop shared infrastructure.
  • Establish farming and grain quality standards and certification processes that provide participants with a marketable quality rating.
  • Educate consumers and policy makers on the value of local and regional grains and artisanal grain products through advocacy and marketing.
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